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Hi I'm Jeffrey Stewart, Aesthetic Image Artist.

I have a lifelong professional history devoted to men's grooming and well being in both medicine and Aesthetics.  I began forming Goal Line SMP in 1999!  Since I was a teenager, I’ve been obsessed with skin care and hygiene. I remember giving myself facial steam treatments and wearing mud masks at 14 years old.  Later in 1985 serving as a medic in the United States Air Force, I specialized in Psuedofolliculitis Barbea, a skin disorder caused by shaving more commonly known as “shaving bumps”.  After separating from the military, I set out to transition my training and experience into a civilian business.  I secured my license in Aesthetics in 1999 and acquired several specialized training certifications in advanced skin care, Electrolysis, Permanent Make Up and Scalp Micropigmentation.  I've always been adamant about grooming and Aesthetic upkeep not being exclusive to women only, and looked to increase the variety of male enhancing procedures in my field!  What started out as a male skin clinical spa for shaving bumps, has since evolved into the aesthetic solution for hair loss and image enhancement.  I have over 22 years’ experience in the Cosmetic Aesthetic field, a lot of it making women beautiful, but since the evolution of SMP, my focus, expertise and artistry are focused on a much-needed solution for hair loss and quality of life esteem building.  My approach to everything Aesthetic is passionate with great attention to detail and undetectable natural results!  No one should recognize your image enhancement procedure, instead it should just be a subtle improved nuance! You can be assured that under Goal Line’s care, every client is treated as the unique individual they are, given intimate care with artistic, architectural, surgeon like precision, done in a professional first-class environment!  Above all, I am a creative artist who loves enhancing lives!

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The following Norwood scale can be used to categorize your level of male pattern baldness.

Norwood Scale


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