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FACTLet’s face it, there is no 100% guaranteed solution to reinvigorating new natural hair growth in areas gone bald, nor can any topical solution get hair to regrow where underneath hair follicle nucleus has deteriorated. “Regrowing” hair again after balding takes place is not guaranteed, expensive and a meticulous lifestyle thereafter. Even if you’ve received hair transplants, they don’t tell you that you will still continually loose testosterone with age so that any genetic balding will go on over many years which means, a transplant done this year will not be sufficient possibly in 3 to 5 years from now as your bald footprint continues to increase. Perhaps it’s time to embrace change, a new phase in life and a new look! A full head of hair was your past, just like immaturity, and irresponsibility.  Shed your hair and the old you and embrace a transformation you’ll come to love! Less hassle, less paranoia, and more time to just get up and go! Freedom is losing the hair piece, color in products, comb overs and caps and discover a low-cut brawny look!

The only nonsurgical, instant, painless, non-graphing, realistic alternative solution to male pattern balding is the process of replicating tiny hair follicles by hundreds of tattooed permanent micro ink dots impressed into the scalp's surface to cover and camouflage bald or thinning hair areas. The dots cast a shadow that resembles hair stubble, or a low “peach fuzz”, "crew cut" hair style that restores a youthful appearance of hair! The main factor in SMP is the cosmetic appearance of the hair’s edge, known as the hairline which balances out the face and eliminates a “deficient” look.  SMP is also great for camouflaging scars in the rear of the head that comes with hair transplant procedures.


Breath taking transformation!  From wearing a toupee & skull cap  to GI Joe stud! Same Person!


GOAL LINE SMP perspective:


You may have conceded to balding and have shaved your head but may not like a bald look if your head isn’t a flattering shape. Or, in all frank honesty, if you are hanging on to a shedding head of hair, it looks much worse than a baldhead or low haircut. In denial, we men don't think so, but a bald head looks esthetically neat and youthful, while a mangy head of hair looks aged and unhealthy! So, the first advice I give men is that a bald head is the best remedy to balding, but if you don’t like your head shape or your self-image bald, then creating an esthetically balanced look is the next best thing. The human face is sectioned into 4 evenly aesthetic portions. The portions measure from 1. The chin to the lips, 2. From the lips to the bottom of the nose, 3. From the bottom of the nose to the eyebrow, and 4. From the eyebrow, to the hairline.  Those 4 areas should be the EXACT width (3-4 fingers)! When the hair line fades back, the balance of the facial features become visually disproportionate. In addition, ultimately hair loss is attributed to aging, so fortunately these days, low "buzz", “crew” cuts are stylish, youthful, and a brawny look.  The main thing a balding head needs is the shadow appearance of hair stubble and the hairline restored to balance out and define the face.  This is what we refer to as the "GOAL LINE"!



GOAL The GOAL LINE SMP goal with any client that doesn't desire to be bald is to restore the face’s character as well as their self-confidence and esteem by "dressing up" their head with real life like hair follicle pores, especially if the side and back hairs still grow and creates a classic "horseshoe/Homey the clown" shadow! A lot of men seek this solution but still aren't ready to let go of HAVING HAIR! They get the procedure and then try and go home and grow back hair length but don't realize that SMP with lengthy hair creates 2 different noticeable dimensions, and looks odd and unnatural! Once you decide to do SMP, you must be at peace with no longer having your old head of hair look and be ready to embrace the entirely new stylish look of a macho GI Joe crew cut! My most important point to drive home with a client is to embrace change and recreate a new image that will ultimately look healthier, younger and more stylish!

LINEThe recreation of the scalp's hair follicle pores, and the hair's edge or hairline is what esthetically balances the face proportionately giving a stylish, balanced, and youthful appearance. Your hairline and where it is located on your forehead largely coincide with a man's age. As you age, your hair line edge creeps back. This changes the esthetic balance of the distance between your eyebrows to your hair line which is symmetrically designed to be at a certain point on your forehead. The hair line makes and breaks your appearance! Restoring your hairline can literally take up to 15 years off your appearance and adds a well-groomed finished look.

GL abr head - Copy.png
GL abr head - Copy.png
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