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*Prior to service a 30 min free consultation appointment to assess your condition, analyze your skin, and thoroughly go over the SMP process and cost is required.  

Cost/Time: SMP's cost and number of sessions required varies with the scalp area needed to be treated.  Depending on your skin type, condition and the look you desire will determine the number of sessions (1-4). 

A  NON-REFUNDABLE % deposit is required in order to book your 1st treatment session after a consultation.  The balance of the entire cost must be paid, or successfully transferred and processed by the day of the 1st session before beginning.  Some institution's processing takes a few business days, or some apps limit the amount of money transferable, so we recommend clearing payment days before 1st scheduled session.  Rescheduling any appointment for any session is possible by phone or email, however once you book to have the SMP done and monies transfer, deposits go towards the free consultation appointment session prior, that may have been in person or cyber via internet, and occupied calendar appointment time that was scheduled.

*Before commencement of your first Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatment, we highly recommend eating a meal prior to the session. Also, clients are encouraged to bring a snack and a beverage. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to scheduled appointment.


*Day of service, you fill out all necessary contractual and consensual paperwork.  


*Prep work will be cutting your hair all the way down to stubble, removing oils with astringent and then mapping out where your hair growth stops around your crown and your desired hairline on forehead area. Once we agree on your desired hairline, we will start micro pigmenting process.


*Your 1st session on average lasts up to four hours.  You may experience redness in area.  Primarily the entire process takes up to 4 separate visits.  We don’t do it all at once because we have to see how your skin takes to the tattooing and don’t cover as much area so that we can gradually get the desired density, shading and blend with your natural hair density.  Normally we wait 2 weeks between sessions 1 and 2.  If we were to try and achieve the look in one session, you chance it being too dark and full and once you go that far you can’t erase it, so it is best to gradually get to the right look while monitoring how the skin takes the ink.

GL abr head - Copy.png


During the first four days refrain from any activities that can cause profuse sweating, as this can cause excessive fading. Do not wash or cut the treated areas of the scalp for the first four days after each treatment. You may take a shower but try not to get water on the treated area.  Also make sure that the shower is not hot enough to cause sweating.  Refrain from sauna's, swimming pools and any excessive sunlight for 28 days after your last treatment. After 28 days you may start to use sunblock and follow long term aftercare procedures.

Day 1-4 After each of your 1-4 treatment sessions

Following your first session you should avoid:


Touching, showering, or shaving the treated area


Carrying out any activities that may cause excessive sweating


Using moisturizer or shampoo


Direct sunlight


Swimming, sauna, or the steam room


Razor shaving for at least 10 days

Day 5 After your first session

Following your first session you should:


Wash your head gently with cold water and gentle soap


Apply moisturizer three times daily to prevent dryness and flaky skin. We recommend using a non-perfumed moisturizer such as Aveeno body moisturizer.


Avoid growing hair too long. If you do need to shave your head, we advise using an electric shaver only. No wet shaving (razor blade) for 10 days post.

Signs and symptoms of infection:

SWELLING: A slight amount of swelling is typical for a fresh tattoo. If swelling becomes excessive, uncomfortable and you feel the pain radiating beyond the site of the tattoo, then this is a sign of infection.

FEVER: Fever is a symptom of an underlying condition, which is most often an infection. Please contact a medical provider if you think you may have a possible infection. Signs and symptoms of infections include, but not limited to, severe redness, swelling, tenderness of the procedure site, red streaks going from the procedure site towards the heart, elevated body temperature, or purulent drainage from the procedure site. Discharge from site may be green/yellow in color and foul in odor.

Contact Goal Line and seek medical attention.


GL abr head - Copy.png

Long term aftercare rule #1 use spf sunblock preferably Coppertone brand. If you are out in the sun for extended periods of time, please reapply throughout the day accordingly. Unprotected exposure to the sun can and will cause unnecessary and early fading issues.  Be vigilant and protect your treatment. It is also recommended to use body lotion on your scalp periodically, so the skin stays vibrant. After the first 28 days following any treatment you can swim in chlorinated pools without any issues. If you stick to these basic guidelines you will prolong the life of your treatment.

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